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Queue Poles With Rope

130.00 د.إ
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Take control of the crowd and maintain order with our versatile Queue Poles with rope system. Designed for high-traffic public areas, this innovative solution ensures efficient crowd management and a seamless flow of people.

Featuring a range of stylish color options, our Queue Barrier seamlessly blends form and function. Choose from elegant gold, sleek silver, or timeless black poles, each complemented by a selection of rope colors, including gold, silver, blue, red, and black. This customizable design allows you to effortlessly match your brand’s aesthetic or the decor of your space.

Constructed with durable materials, the Queue Barrier withstands heavy use and provides a reliable barrier to guide foot traffic. The sturdy poles and high-quality ropes create a professional, organized look that instills a sense of order and security in your guests or customers.

Whether you’re managing lines at an event, directing foot traffic in a lobby, or regulating access in a public space, the Queue Barrier with rope is the perfect solution. Experience the benefits of improved crowd control and enhanced customer experience. Invest in this versatile system today and take your crowd management to the next level.

Pole Color

Gold, Silver

Ribbon Color

Red, Blue, Black


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